Our Focus

Dynamic Four focuses on delivering custom solutions towards challenging strategic and operational problems by helping you implement cutting edge applications that streamline your everyday operations. Simply meaning, we design an effective information management system with your needs in mind. D4 will help your corporation discover data-storage solutions, expand your customer base with strategic planning, integrate a modern networking infrastructure, ensure the integrity of your information reporting process, and adopt an effective IT-governance strategy.

Our mission is to create collaborative relationships with our clients enabling them to become more capable in the field of technology. After retaining our services, your workforce outcomes are likely to be transformed with increased morale, higher output, more product and system innovations, better employee retention, and ultimately a stronger bottom line. Employees tend to like being around our high-energy, can-do consultants, and will appreciate the creation of new and improved methods for carrying out duties.

Who We Are

Dynamics Four is one of the Nation’s most innovative technology and management consulting firms, specializing in identifying problems and quickly developing solutions that can be implemented by your organization.

Our industry knowledge allows us to deliver intelligent marketing and business solutions to ensure the organization's sales goals and growth initiatives. We focus on everything from developing and implementing original training techniques to integrating custom software solutions.

We have a sharp vertical focus on supporting performance initiatives in the fields of financial services, professional services, education, healthcare, and in regional government using the Microsoft technology platform.

Our consultants are comprised of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award winners, authors, industry speakers and individuals that have earned top-tier distinctions in their respective fields.

We have a proven track record of sucess in more industries than we can list.

Large or small, from Fortune 500 companies to small medical practices, we've worked and succeeded with them all. We're always looking to add a few more success stories to our list, if you're interested in a successful delivery with a highly talented, hyper-responsive team of people who live to do the impossible, we're the firm for you.

We've helped clients:

  • Improve their bottom line through reducing operational costs.
  • Perfect communication strategies, internally and externally
  • Seamlessly move to a Cloud based platform
  • Identify unique selling points for clients and set up for competitive analysis
  • Identify emerging business trends
  • Implement Big Data based on their existing CRM data. And we did it without spending a penny on new hardware or software.
  • Enjoy their CRM system on time and within budget. Many have had it delivered early and for a fraction of the quoted price.
  • Shift to a truly mobile workforce by connecting SmartPhones, Tablets, Netbooks and Laptops.

Why Us

  • Industry Leading Consultants - We can prove it!.
  • Proven Track Record - We have hundreds of satisfied customers, literally.
  • Industry Knowledge - Financial Services, Insurance, Health Care, Manufacturing & about 20 more.
  • Depth - We've been consulting on CRM and .NET since Version 1 of each.
  • Development Methodology - Ours is the best in the industry, & we challenge any of our competitors to debate it.
  • Client Experience - We've worked with several Fortune 500 companies, several mid-sized ones, & quite a few small ones.
  • Client Focus - We challenge you to read about our previous client engagements, then ask yourself if any of our competitors could even come close.

What Clients Say About Us

We couldn’t have done it without Dynamics four.  Very quickly they understood our needs and even helped us see an angle we were missing.  They implemented quickly and flawlessly and provided the back end support our team needed to get going.  This has made all the difference for us and we would recommend them to anyone.